Global Launch of “CellLIVE” in Hawaii, USA

Optiscan is pleased to announce that its exclusive global distributor, UK based MR Solutions, has today launched the CellLIVE system at the opening of the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Hawaii, USA.


The CellLIVE is an imaging platform based on Optiscan’s latest generation of technology featuring real-time, fluorescence microscopic imaging for pre-clinical research applications. The system offers unique insights into living animal biology with key applications in cancer research, neuroscience and regenerative medicine (including stem cell research). It provides scientists with a unique view of living tissue using miniaturised imaging probes that are simply placed into contact with the tissue to be imaged.


Since market introduction at last year’s WMIC and subsequent field and market testing of prototype configurations, Optiscan and MR Solutions have created an advanced feature set optimised for the growing optical preclinical research market.


Most importantly, the system launched at WMIC for the first time offers full 3D imaging capabilities with integrated analysis and measurement tools. The system also features unique spectral imaging capabilities, enabling, for example, separate imaging of multiple molecular labels in a single animal. This performance is unmatched by any other product, making CellLIVE the only system of its kind in the preclinical-imaging market, offering miniaturised imaging probes with ultra-high resolution of less than one micron (1/1000th of a millimetre) and automated 3D imaging collection, display and analysis.


There are well in excess of a thousand pre-clinical research laboratories that could utilise the CellLIVE. MR Solutions is an innovator in the preclinical imaging market specialising in compact MRI and PET scanners for animal research. Their market footprint and targeted marketing is thus well aligned to take the CellLIVE into the global preclinical research market.


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About Optiscan

Optiscan is an Australian company that has developed and patented miniaturised confocal microscopes, and is now a global leader in the development and application of microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets.


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