Chairman’s Letter to the Shareholders of Optiscan

For far too long now, Optiscan has promised so much to its shareholders and delivered far too little. I am therefore delighted to announce that those days are gone. The Vision of Optiscan remains “to become a global leader in microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets”.


In order to deliver on this Vision, our Mission has now changed:

“To create shareholder wealth through the profitable delivery of microscopic imaging and related technologies into the global market”.


We will treat you, our shareholders, with the respect you deserve and will deliver on the promise that you have long waited for. This is a significant and exciting point in time in the history of Optiscan.


We now have the privilege of possessing a highly talented and proactive board. Additionally, to be announced in the next week, we will be joined by an exceptional CEO. The combination of a new board and a new CEO will drive the Optiscan business to deliver on the commercial potential that it has promised for so long.


The board has commissioned an independent report to:

– carry out a strategic review of Optiscan and its technology

– provide written recommendations to Optiscan on strategies it should adopt to rebuild shareholder value


Armed with this report and the knowledge of Optiscan’s existing board members, employees, shareholders and industry contacts, the board will develop a strategic plan for the business. This plan will establish an action plan for the CEO to deliver on the measurables within the strategic plan and drive the business forward.


This plan will also form the cornerstone of a capital raise that will take place in late May/early June 2016. This capital raise represents a tremendous opportunity for investors. We will provide an update on the capital raise by no later than 31st May 2016.


Our goal is that the strategic plan and capital raise will pave the way for Optiscan to be removed from suspension on the ASX before 30th June 2016.


In closing, I wish to thank our new board for their energy and the commitment they bring to an exciting time in the Optiscan business. I would also like to thank the employees of Optiscan who have remained loyal to the company during the previous periods of uncertainty.


With the new board, a new CEO, a new direction and exciting new prospects for the future, Optiscan will become a business that shareholders, the board and the employees can be proud of.


Alan Hoffman





About Optiscan

Optiscan is an Australian company that has developed and patented miniaturised confocal microscopes, and is now a global leader in the development and application of microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets.


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Alan Hoffman


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