Commercial Partners


Optiscan began working with Pentax in 2002 to develop the world’s first flexible endomicroscope.
The product, called the Pentax ISC 1000, received regulatory clearances from the FDA in the USA, and the CE Mark for Europe, and was released to the world market on 1 March 2006. 
In 2008 Pentax was acquired by Hoya.  Hoya has retained the Pentax brand name on its line of endoscope products.
In 2009 Hoya and Optiscan moved from an exclusive arrangement to a non-exclusive one.

Under the current agreement Hoya has a non-exclusive licence to the Optiscan technology to manufacture flexible endoscopes, subject to payment of a royalty to Optiscan.

Carl Zeiss Group

In 2007 Carl Zeiss Group and Optiscan began to collaborate on development of an endomicroscope product in neurosurgery, ears, nose and throat surgery (ENT) and spinal surgery.

In 2009, the parties entered into a second agreement to further the collaboration.

Preliminary results of the collaboration were presented by Dr. Tejas Sankar, at the 2009 American Association of Neurological Surgeons Conference.

The collaboration continues.


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