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Optiscan Five1

Fluorescence In Vivo Endomicroscopy

The FIVE1 enables a vast variety of animal imaging studies in different organ systems. Combined with the huge array of possible fluorescent agents and molecular labels available, the FIVE1 can make microscopic observations of systems biology that are impossible to recreate in cell preparations alone.


The Optiscan FIVE1 features:

Sub-micron resolution in vivo histology

Real time functional and molecular imaging

Simple handheld configuration designed for pre-clinical studies


The Optiscan FIVE 1 is a powerful handheld fluorescence endomicroscope that has been specifically designed for in vivo investigations of animal tissues.

Optiscan has set the standard for image quality and ease of use in endomicroscopy. Our sub-micron resolution and image clarity remains unchallenged.

The FIVE 1 offers:

  • Ultra-high resolution in vivo microscopy – true in vivo histology without removing tissue or sacrificing animals.
  • Sub-micron, sub-cellular detail.
  • User controlled imaging depth – interactive interrogation of surface and sub-surface tissue structures.
  • Real time functional imaging – directly observe cellular responses to drug or therapeutic interventions.
  • An easy to use handheld endo-microscope ideally suited to pre-clinical environments.

Sample images.

Click each image to view at a higher resolution.

Image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5



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Scientific Publications

Studies using the FIVE1 continue to be published in peer-reviewed scientific publications, for a list of these click here and browse the Pre Clinical section.

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