Clinical Applications and Trials


Optiscan actively participates in research aimed at proving and developing the utility of its products. Activities range from clinical studies conducted by Optiscan or its partners to evaluate new medical procedures, right through to laboratory development of new imaging paradigms that will become the clinical techniques of tomorrow.

Trials in which Optiscan is currently participating include:

  • Trials with its partner Carl Zeiss Group in neurosurgery, ENT and spinal surgery
  • International gastrointestinal endoscopy clinical trials
  • Clinical evaluation of rigid endoscopes for liver surgery
  • Bronchoscopy trials
  • Endometriosis trials
  • Robotic prostate surgery trials

Cervix Clinical Trials
Endometriosis Clinical Trial
Gastroenterology Clinical Trials
Liver Disease Clinical Trial
Neurosurgery Clinical Trial
Robotic Prostatectomy Clinical Trial
Thoracic Malignancies Clinical Trial


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