Optiscan is working with Monash University and University of Michigan investigating alternate explanation of causes of ACL injury

Optiscan is delighted to be working with world-leading researchers Professor Mark Banaszak Holl, Professor James Ashton Miller and Dr Edward Wojtys from Monash University and the University of Michigan investigating whether material fatigue or accumulated ACL microdamage at a molecular level, rather than a single-force incident, could be to blame for ACL failure during normal athletic activity.


Professor Banaszak Holl said that:  “We’re very interested in endoscopes, and it turns out there’s a confocal endoscope made by Optiscan Imaging, which was originally a technology developed and spun out from technology developed here at Monash University, and we’re working closely with them both at Monash University and at University of Michigan to try and translate this research for initial evaluation of the knee problem and for the surgical repair process…The high-resolution imaging and small diameter of their endoscope gives us some unique research and potentially surgical capabilities.”


Read the full story here: https://lens.monash.edu/@technology/2019/07/24/1375888/acl-injury-epidemic-dead-legs-tell-knee-tale