Optiscan identified as new breed of ASX players by Switzer Daily

OptiScan’s multi-patented technology has miniaturised traditional confocal microscopy into a 4mm diameter probe, for in vivo, non-invasive, sub-cellular imaging uniquely able to access typical sites for potential cancers in the mouth, breast, cervix and other organs.

Switzer Daily said,

“…a new breed of ASX players are emerging to shake up the sector, with adjunct software and hardware to make the old methods more reliable…”

“Optiscan Imaging (OIL) shares have soared 750 per cent on the back of the company’s progress with microscopic imaging techniques to enable three-dimensional ‘virtual’ biopsies of cancer cells.”

OptiScan’s InVivage® clinical device has applications both in screening and as a tool in microscopic surgical margin determination in oncology. It enables visualisation of oral cellular architecture to monitor changes in epithelial growth as an adjunct to scalpel biopsy and to increase precision of the intraoperative surgical margin. OptiScan has on-going trials at world-leading cancer centres including the Melbourne Dental School and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York.

OptiScan has a co-operation agreement with Carl Zeiss Meditec (CZM) which has resulted in the incorporation of OptiScan’s technology in the CZM CONVIVO® for use in Neurosurgery.

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