Completion of imaging for Optiscan’s Melbourne based Breast Cancer Margin Assessment Trial

Optiscan Imaging Limited (ASX: OIL) (‘the Company’ or ‘Optiscan’) is pleased to advise that it has completed the patient recruitment and imaging component of its breast cancer margin assessment trial (ex vivo study) at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Frances Perry House and Epworth Hospital with imaging of 42 breast cancer lumpectomy samples plus associated cavity shaves from 38 patients undertaken during the course of surgery.

The analysis of these images captured with Optiscan’s unique, confocal, endomicroscopic technology is underway including comparisons with post-operative histopathology examination (the current standard of care). The Company looks forward to providing a detailed presentation to shareholders at its upcoming Annual General Meeting.
A key goal of the trial is to assess whether by using Optiscan’s technology, cancerous tumour cells can be detected at the margin of the excised specimen while the surgery is on-going, providing the opportunity for further cancerous tissue to be removed. This would reduce the requirement for repeat surgery (currently 20 to 30% of lumpectomy patients) with less emotional trauma, physical pain and costs for patient and hospital. The current standard of care can mean that results indicating whether a second surgery is required to remove this additional cancerous tissue can take a number of days.

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