Optiscan’s miniaturised flexible high resolution confocal endomicroscopes provide unparalleled ability to take cellular level images of tissue samples that are difficult or impossible to access with conventional microscopy.

A major advantage is the ability to maintain tissue integrity during imaging, enabling visualisation of tissue in its natural surrounding. The small size, flexibility and high resolution 3D imaging capability enables the extension of boundaries in application areas including imaging of living samples and observation of dynamic processes.


Endomicroscopy has been used extensively in a number of clinical applications. OptiScan is partnering with Carl Zeiss Meditec to produce the Zeiss Convivo, which is used for neurological imaging to determine the negative surgical margin without a traditional biopsy. OptiScan’s imaging technology was incorporated into Pentax flexible endoscopes and used extensively in many gastrointestinal applications. The technology is currently being used in a clinical breast cancer trial and potential partners and customers are investigating new clinical applications using the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo).

Pre-clinical and Translational Research

OptiScan’s FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) and predecessor imaging technology is used for imaging in a wide variety of applications including blood flow, cell tracking, antibody labelling, drug distribution and pharmacokinetics, barrier function, apoptosis, clotting, bacterial infection and equine reproduction. It can also be used for imaging tissue cultures, organoids and other applications where conventional microscope access encounters challenges and limitations.


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