Graeme Mutton

An independent non-executive director, Graeme joined the Board in April 2018. Graeme is a long-standing shareholder in Optiscan and has a deep understanding of Optiscan`s technology and applications.

Graeme’s financial analytical experience and pragmatic approach helps to ensure that, with other members of the Board and staff, Optiscan products and technology are developed and marketed to achieve optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

Graeme is an accounting graduate who, while managing a public accounting practice for CP Bird and Associates in Western Australia, purchased City Plating Company, an electroplating business which he ran profitably for 30 years before it was sold in 2000.

The experience and expertise Graeme gained while successfully operating the business, and working with many others, both as customers and suppliers, has given him a foundation of practical knowledge about running a small to medium enterprise.