Handheld confocal in vivo imaging for clinical, translational, preclinical and other research

The hand-held FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system is the latest generation of miniaturised confocal endomicroscopes. The FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) uses proprietary technology covered by multiple patents, to deliver real-time, cellular level in vivo imaging in living tissue.

Why choose the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo)?

OptiScan specialises in Fluorescence In Vivo Endomicroscopy (FIVE). The flexible hand-held probe of the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) enables you to push the boundaries of your research with maximum flexibility, viewing image tissue at any angle in 3D with sub-micron resolution.

Superb resolution

Using a single scanned fibre rather than a distally scanned fibre bundle provides unmatched lateral and axial resolution. The single fibre approach eliminates dead spaces and broken fibres, delivering high sensitivity and long life.

Never miss an image

The imaging software of the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) includes an Image Rollback function.  Users can select and save images from up to 60 memory held frames. Individual images or image selections can be saved or made into movie files.

Longitudinal studies

High level disinfection and sterilisation options provide a cost-effective, practical way to enable longitudinal studies on the same subject, as well as the ability to image cell cultures and other samples where sterility is required.

Long-life probes

The FIVE2 (Viewnvivo) probes are not a consumable, but will retain their imaging quality through years of operation and hundreds of procedures.

Precise control in the Z-dimension

The FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) reports the position of the focal plane with micron accuracy.  The imaging software provides an intuitive interface to set and collect Z-Stacks. This data can be turned into movies or ported into Fiji for processing.

Image from any angle

Hand held flexible probe lets you access previously inaccessible samples.

FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) features

Compact Processor

The electronics and optics for the system are contained within a single compact box.

Probe Umbilical

Light flexible umbilical for benchtop and stage-mounted applications. Robust chemical resistant umbilical for harsh environments.

Probe Options

A choice of probes to meet different application requirements.

Precision Micro positioner

Small probes can be mounted in the high precision 3 axis micro positioner mounted to an articulated holding arm for maximum flexibility and accuracy in positioning your probe.

3-Pedal Footswitch

Provides hands free control of imaging depth and image capture.

Detachable Probes

Simple one-handed attachment and detachment of probes.

FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) technical specifications

Compared to the previous model, the FIVE2 gives you greater flexibility, increased control and enhanced optimal imaging.

Features & SpecificationsFIVE1FIVE2 (ViewnVivo)

Laser power







0.7µm lateral

7µm axial

0.55µm lateral

5.1 µm axial




Image capture modes

Single frame

Continuous capture

Single frame

Continuous capture


Roll-back (60 frames)


150mm X 6.6mmØ

300mm X 6.6mmØ

46mm X 4.0mmØ

66mm X 4.0mmØ

150mm X 4.0mmØ

300mm X 4.0mmØ


2.8M Robust and flexible silicone reinforced with stain-less monocoil and fibreglass braid; 8.5mmØ

1.5M or 2.8M Robust and flexible silicone reinforced with stain-less monocoil and fibreglass braid; 6.0mmØ

Sterilisable sheath option




2 Preset filters

8 Standard filters

Long Pass Filters- >515nm, >540nm, >570nm

Band Pass Filters- 515-575nm, 515-530nm, 530-550nm, 550-575nm

Refection – ND3.0 (0.1% transmission)

Additional 4 custom filter positions

Frame rate

Up to 1.6fps

Up to 3.5fps

Aspect ratio


1:1, 5:4, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9

Dynamic gain adjustment



Dynamic filter change



Probe hot-swap