Contact Support

If you have a technical issue with your endomicroscopy equipment that requires assistance from the OptiScan Customer Support team, please send an email to detailing:

  • how and when the problem first occurred
  • the nature of the problem
  • a log file from your equipment
  • your contact details (email address, institution details, contact phone number)

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

OptiScan Remote Support

There may be times when someone from the OptiScan Customer Support team needs to take control of your system to update software, diagnose problems or perform maintenance. This is done using a secure remote desktop access application. Details will be organised using email and/or phone support.

To enable the OptiScan Support Team to remotely connect to your system, you will need to download and run the OptiScan Customer Support application (powered by TeamViewer).

Please click the following link to download a temporary installation of Teamviewer (for Windows only).

OptiScan Quick (Remote) Support Application