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Optiscan (ASX:OIL) is a global leader in the development and application of endomicroscopic imaging technologies for medical, translational and pre-clinical markets. Our technology, used by leading research institutions and hospitals in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia enables real-time, in vivo imaging at the cellular level in human and animal tissue. In collaboration with Carl Zeiss Meditec, we are enabling the application of confocal endomicroscopy during brain surgery and together with Pentax Medical released the first-ever human confocal endomicroscopy for gastroenterology. Our recently launched FIVE2 ViewnVivo system builds upon our successful FIVE1 platform with enhanced 3D imaging features enabling virtual biopsies in living, breathing, moving tissue. New applications in the identification of dysplastic and diseased tissue, tumour margins, molecular disease markers, women’s health, veterinary and research applications are being developed in association with world-leading institutions. We strive to give health care providers and researchers the highest quality in-vivo microscopic imaging tools available to enable the early detection and management of disease, in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce the high cost of curative medicine.


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