Optiscan Imaging is committed to excellence and making a positive contribution to society across the pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance.


  • Complete digital offering for pathology reduces waste as pathology is now biopsy-free and slide-free
  • Pathology without frozen sections minimises transportation emissions to/from pathologist, which is current standard process
  • Recycling initiatives include use of undamaged parts in old devices for re-use in training
  • Procurement strategy in place to use local component suppliers where possible to minimise carbon footprint
  • Exploring installation of renewable energy sources on-site


  • In favour of responsible sourcing of product components.
  • Improved gender diversity ratio of FTE in the past 12 months
  • Health & safety committee in place to assess and mitigate risks


  • Committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and social expectations
  • Continuously reviewing processes to manage business risks
  • Please see Corporate Governance section for further information