Pathology Redefined

InVivage® is an intra-oral digital microscope that offers the power of single-cell oral imaging at your fingertips in the palm of your hand. Our latest innovation, InVivage® by Optiscan is built with our unique patented 3D imaging technology, providing live microscopic oral imaging solutions in optimal resolution, and unlimited image capture to assist in immediate informed decision making.


  • Incorporates the latest Optiscan technology for slide-free, biopsy-free, non-destructive single-cell imaging
  • Optimised for imaging cellular architecture, in clinical and research settings
  • Features button-controlled, miniaturised hand-held endomicroscopic probe (4mm diameter tip)
  • Produces real-time, single-cell, high-resolution images at 1000x real magnification
  • DICOM-compatible/PACS-enabled allowing image transmission and storage

InVivage® has the potential to distinguish normal, precancerous and cancerous oral tissue


Further information: View Fact Sheet

InVivage® is currently under regulatory review for clinical use in various geographies.