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Optiscan technology overview

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Our proprietary laser scanning confocal endomicroscopes capture digital histology from living tissue in real time, enabling clinicians to make immediate informed decisions. We have developed miniaturised confocal microscopes into handheld, non-invasive imaging probes. Living tissue can be viewed with submicron resolution in 3D, enabling visualisation of cellular architecture and subcellular details by simply touching the probe against the tissue of interest.


How it works

Optiscan technology is easy to use. Following application of a fluorescent dye, simply touch the probe against the tissue of interest and an image will be displayed on the screen in front of you.

A laser light passes through an optical fibre to a hand-held probe. Optics in the probe focus the laser to a diffraction limited spot in the tissue. Fluorescence is excited at this spot and the fluorescent light is captured into the optical fibre and passed to a detector. An image is generated by scanning the focussed spot through an image plane, then compiling the point intensity measurements. The image plane can be translated in depth, allowing generation of 3D image stacks.



Optiscan Technology

Optiscan delivers superior image quality

Our scanned single fibre technology provides the highest resolution endomicroscopic imaging available. Our megapixel images contain an order of magnitude more information than other endomicroscope technologies, providing excellent correlation to conventional histology. Optiscan technology provides digital imaging solutions, enabling non-destructive, real-time digital histopathology in living tissue.