Endomicroscopic imaging technology

In vivo imaging on a pathway to Pathology in Real Time

The FIVE2 (ViewnVivo)

Leading research institutions and hospitals in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia have utilised OptiScan technology for real-time, in vivo imaging at the cellular level in human and animal tissue.


The new FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system builds on the successful FIVE1 platform to give you enhanced 3D imaging features enabling virtual biopsies in living tissue.

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OptiScan endomicroscopic imaging technologies are trusted by leading researchers and institutions

Our customers

Health care providers and researchers can rely on OptiScan for the highest quality in vivo microscopic imaging tools that enable the early detection and management of disease and improve patient outcomes while lowering the high cost of curative medicine.

When you choose a FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) you'll not only receive a world-leading system, but you'll also gain comprehensive, expert support that will help you explore new horizons in your field.

The unique flexible, hand-held probe and the FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system enables stable cellular imaging upon contact of tissue against the probe at any angle.