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Live fluorescent or antibody labelling

Molecular Imaging of Glucose Metabolism for Intraoperative Fluorescence Guidance During Glioma Surgery. Molecular Imaging and Biology
Belykh, E., Jubran, J. H., George, L. L., Bardonova, L., Healey, D. R., Georges, J. F., . . . Preul, M. C. (2021). 

In vivo intravital endoscopic confocal fluorescence microscopy of normal and acutely injured rat lungs. Laboratory Investigation, 90(6), 824-834
Chagnon, F., Fournier, C., Charette, P. G., Moleski, L., Payet, M. D., Dobbs, L. G., & Lesur, O. (2010). 

Bioinspired Large Stokes Shift Small Molecular Dyes for Biomedical Fluorescence Imaging." Science Advances 8, no. 32 (2022): eabo3289
Chen, Hao, Lingjun Liu, Kun Qian, Hailong Liu, Zhiming Wang, Feng Gao, Chunrong Qu, Wenhao Dai, Daizong Lin, Kaixian Chen, Hong Liu, and Zhen Cheng. 

Assessment of nerve ultrastructure by fibre-optic confocal microscopy. 17(8), 444-448
Cushway, T. R., Lanzetta, M., Cox, G., Trickett, R., & Owen, E. R. (1996). 

In vivo visualization of GL261-luc2 mouse glioma cells by use of Alexa Fluor–labeled TRP-2 antibodies. Neurosurgical Focus, 36(2), E12
Kathryn E. Fenton, Nikolay L. Martirosyan, Mohammed G. Abdelwahab, Stephen W. Coons, Mark C. Preul, & Adrienne C. Scheck. (2014). 

Handheld confocal laser endomicroscopic imaging utilizing tumor-specific fluorescent labeling to identify experimental glioma cells in vivo. Surgical Neurology International, 7(Suppl 40), S995-S1003
Martirosyan, N. L., Georges, J., Kalani, M. Y. S., Nakaji, P., Spetzler, R. F., Feuerstein, B. G., & Preul, M. C. (2016). 

In vivo fibre optic confocal imaging of microvasculature and nerves in the rat vas deferens and colon. 192(4), 489-495
PAPWORTH, G. D., DELANEY, P. M., BUSSAU, L. J., VO, L. T., & KING, R. G. (1998).

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