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Optiscan in the news: ‘Significant milestone’: Optiscan soars on new InVue imaging device for precision surgery


Optiscan is excited to be included in Stockhead regarding the unveiling of InVue™ - our next gen microscopic medical imaging device for precision surgery.

The article focuses on how InVue™ broadens Optiscan's product portfolio in the surgical application market, and is a significant step forward in achieving the company's strategic goals.

Leveraging Optiscan's patented technology, InVue™ will enable surgeons to gain immediate pathology insights in the operating theatre, ultimately facilitating on-the-spot decision making, treatment adjustments and precision surgery.

    CEO and managing director Dr Camile Farah, who is also a pathologist, says getting its next-gen InVue microscopic medical imaging device to the reveal stage is a real credit to the hard work of the entire OIL team.

    “The reveal is much more than just a significant milestone in the company’s growth strategy,” he says.

    “It paves the way for a significant evolution of digital pathology and precision surgery.”

    “We are particularly excited by what the InVue, which tailors our patented technology to the surgical market, will mean for the future treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients.

    “It will facilitate a dramatic step forward in the way cancer can be diagnosed and treated with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

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