Platform Technology

Our technology can be used across multiple applications

The Optiscan probes are fibre optic fluorescence confocal microscopes that are built for instant digital solutions in the medical and life-science imaging sectors. Images are generated by simply touching the probe against the tissue of interest. This technology provides a platform for a range of imaging applications. 


This intra-oral microscope provides virtual histology from within the oral cavity enabling identification of cancer and precancer, monitoring of mucosal lesions, and mapping of cancer margins. It is DICOM and PACS compliant allowing sharing and storage of image data.

Optiscan’s Gen-2 scanner underpins the imaging component of the InVivage®, ViewnVivo® and CONVIVO™ (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG) device. Optiscan’s Gen-1 scanner was used in the Pentax ISC-1000 flexible gastrointestinal endoscopes and Optiscan’s FIVE1 life-sciences device.


Optiscan’s life-sciences endomicroscope for applications where, high resolution, portable, flexible, intravital fluorescence confocal imaging is required.


Convivo™ is the result of a collaboration between Optiscan and Carl Zeiss Meditec for application in neurosurgery. Its In-Vivo Pathology Suite enables neurosurgeons and remote pathologists to discuss tissue pathology during surgery in real time.