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General Surgery

Near-infrared confocal imaging during mini-laparoscopy: a novel rigid endomicroscope with increased imaging plane depth', J Hepatol, 53: 84-90
Goetz, M., I. Deris, M. Vieth, E. Murr, A. Hoffman, P. Delaney, P. R. Galle, M. F. Neurath, and R. Kiesslich. 2010.

In vivo confocal laser endomicroscopy of the human liver: a novel method for assessing liver microarchitecture in real time', Endoscopy, 40: 554-62
Goetz, M., R. Kiesslich, H. P. Dienes, U. Drebber, E. Murr, A. Hoffman, S. Kanzler, P. R. Galle, P. Delaney, and M. F. Neurath. 2008. 

A Pilot Study of the Feasibility of Confocal Endomicroscopy for Examination of the Human Airway', Journal of Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology, 17: 126-30
Musani, A. I. M., M. M. Sims, C. M. Sareli, W. R. Russell, W. J. P. McLaren, P. M. B. H. Delaney, L. A. M. Litzky and R. A. J. M. Panettieri. 2010. 

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